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Welcome to the Family Affair web site plz look around and bare with me as i try and get it up and going. IF you are a member of FA and are here to register Please remember to use your ING ( In game name ) so we know who is who from game . Thank you in advance, Also if you are a FA member and you have any ideas plz post in members only.

For those visiting Thinking of joining Family Affair we haev NO special requirements to join and only a few guild rules . Well ok 5 rules but they are easy ones i will list them here so you will know that they are

1. All guild members will follow aeria games rules .
2.NO Begging for plvl gold items member's help each other when they can
3.We keep our chat clean in game and on vent we have minors in the guild
4.[GS]NISMO and [GS]Lord-Raiko are Game GSs not a Guild GSs and they will not play favorites so don't ask them to .
5. Most important one of all HAVE FUN!! and RESPECT each other this is a game its her for enjoyment Very Happy so lets have some fun
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